Thursday, 9 July 2015

Well, well.... The lessons i have learned!

I used to think I was very consistent especially when it came to my writing. I have discovered I am not. 
On a positive note, My absence from Updating my blog hasn’t in anyway implied I have run off.

This week at work I have been blessed to lead devotion time. I chose to share from Jonah. Jonah the Prodigal Prophet. God the forever Redeeming God.

I have learned from this book how not very different I am from Jonah. Often times, I run away from my mission. It is easier to run as far as I can.

My sin has been totally exposed. I have at times run from sharing about the Lord, from sharing about the consequences of disobedience (Usually the hard part!) to those I should.

Sometimes it is because of my own prejudice. My superficial assumption  that they are past hearing, past restoration, past redemption.

I read once that Jonah’s mission couldn’t have been any different from a Jew being sent to the Germans during the WWII with a message like Jonah had. A message that implied the Germans would face destruction if they continued to annihilate the Jews but if they stopped, forgiveness would be available.  The Jew would most likely take off in a different direction like Jonah did.

As I read chapter 1, I am reminded that My sin is very much laid bare before the LORD's sight. He spoke to Jonah, Go to the great city of Nineveh and preach against it, because its wickedness has come up before me.”
My Sin/ wickedness can not be hidden from His sight.

The other  observation I get from here is that I often run from my task. When He sends me, do I always do His bidding? "But Jonah ran away from the Lord"
It is when we are in the Belly of the fish, Stinky/slimy dark place that we remember who is in charge. Just like Jonah, I have been in that place. And God has come to the rescue. Maybe not in the same way.

As i read Jonah chapter 3, I had to real pose hard and go past being amazed. The people of Nineveh responded in a way that Jonah least expected. They were sorry/repentant. They grieved over their own sin. they took a round about turn. 

What do i learn from this? 
Maybe i have written off some people thinking they are beyond salvation. It is the least likely people like those of Nineveh that can change from their wicked ways to a path of repentance. I have prejudiced some people. But how i would be surprised if they actually turned around for GOOD.

The last chapter is another story to tell. Jonah was mad that the people repented and God was merciful. This reaction is kind of funny. 

Jonah himself called on the mercy of God and enjoyed the mercy of God when it was extended to Jonah. Now he resents it when it is extended to others. What if God treated Jonah the way Jonah wanted God to treat the people of Nineveh

My own Selfishness was exposed here too.  

I am glad  "The LORD is compassionate and gracious, slow to anger, abounding in love"

I  am truly a work in progress but i am thankful for the Lessons i keep learning everyday.

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