Monday, 26 November 2012

UCF Choir

Thinking about the UCF choir gets me all emotional. That is the one place in church ministry that i felt connected to so much yet the one place that i could not get involved into for a long time.

One thing that pulled me to the UCF Basketball court where I made my first declaration of Love for Jesus was the Music. The worship was beautiful; I could not just pass by. There is something Magnetic, wonderfully magnetic when it comes to Music for the Lord.... It just drew me. And i did accept the Lord. That was 16th November 2008.

Then I joined UCF. And I was amazed; listening to the Choir give praises and bring forth sweet music to the Lord. I knew I wanted to be a part of that ministry. But I took time. For some reasons, I wouldn't join the choir until this year in February when I decided, that it was the time for me to join.
At first, I thought that I couldn't be there, thought my sound would be horrible and scare everyone else off. But after I joined I realized that Jesus doesn't care if I think I am not Good enough. He equips those that He calls. And He uses weak vessels, so i did not need to be perfect to serve Him. He is perfect and I would be perfect in Him.
I also learned that Choir is not about Music alone. It is ministry, where lives are transformed, friendships are made, challenges are shared, fears are dealt with, and also a place to learn to love and to grow as Christ would want us to. Being in Choir is a great step in my life. It is wonderful.
This year we have had several activities.... Passion Nite at the start of this semester, Passion out reaches to a couple of places (a church in the suburbs of Kampala and a University off Entebbe Road). Making Christ's fame Known has been our main focus this year.
Passion nite

We had a Christmas production/ Passion nite it was totally amazing. We dressed in white. that was fun. and beautiful
Christmas production

Love this bunch. Dennis, Diana and Robinah

Hamlet came along too.

group foto with friends in Choir
Milly, me, Rosette, and Robinah

Performing Kinyarwanda dance

Thursday, 22 November 2012

10,000 reasons for my heart to Sing.

I have no idea what Matt Redman was thinking when he sat down to sing this song. But i am sure it must have been something very strong, very powerful.
Since yesterday i can't stop meditating on the words of this song. Bless the Lord Oh My Soul.......Worship His Holy Name, Sing like never Before Oh My soul. I worship your Holy Name.

I am amazed at how Matt was astounded at all the beauty around him, like the sun coming up bringing a new day and for that, a reason to sing a new a song to God again..... and trusting God for whatever may pass or whatever lies ahead but just praying that a new song will be sung when the evening comes.

10,000 reasons for my heart to find so that i could sing a new song!!! I know i have more than 10 thousand reasons for my heart to sing. He is amazing, loving and compassionate. he is slow to anger (not that i don't deserve the full weight of it), the beauty around me is breath taking, the gifts from Him are overwhelming; of Himself, of Life, My beautiful son, the people in my life..... i could go on and on (keeping in mind that it's not because i deserve them but they are freely given).

How i pray that each day i will find a reason out of the many in my heart, that my soul will sing a new song each day to Yahweh.

Oh Bless the Lord oh My Soul.

Monday, 19 November 2012


Today being a Monday, I can only pray and hope for the best. As usual, I went to work this morning after dropping my boy at the school. I almost let him stay home and have a day off from school because he needed to rest. But after one call to his teacher, who told me that the class starts examinations today, I had to change plans. I had about 40 mins to get him ready for school which surprisingly  I managed to do. He was at school on time. Thanks to God for that, I wont have to be the mom that makes their kid miss exams because the kid is late for school. So far so good.

Boda ride to town was safe, and the traffic flow was not scary. After getting to town I managed to get onto a taxi  heading to Luboowa  (town where i work) that wasn't stopping on the way every 5 minutes, which means that I was at work on time. That is good as well. Everything is going well. Cassandra, came in with her mom and aunt (currently visiting) and I got to meet them. They helped around the office, (some of my workload reduced!!!)  which is really nice…… if Monday is not going well, then I must be really ungrateful.

Robert, the Boda guy who picks Hamlet for school did not forget to pick him today which is totally cool and he is home, fed and well…. Super cool!!! Still have a couple hours left in the office and I will head home. I am sure Monday is gonna end beautifully. Then I will tell of tomorrow….. TUESDAY. Another day. 

Monday, 12 November 2012

Learning That He is all that matters the most.

For a couple of weeks, it has been a great struggle understanding that He is all that matters.
This particular state of me being unaware of this fact has brought so much unrest and lack of contentment.
I have however learned that He is all that matters. What a difference that has made in my life so far.
My peace and Joy have swept in like a cool breeze. It is so refreshing, knowing that He is all that matters.

I am amazed at how simple and beautiful everything can change when God becomes the one thing that I crave for. It is a wonderful thing.