Thursday, 30 July 2015

July for us.

July is my favorite month of the year. I am reminded of the many gifts God has Blessed me with.

The Biggest highlight for us was celebrating Hamlet's 7th Birthday. I am truly thankful for this young man.

Hamlet is a true Blessing and i am truly thankful to God.

Yesterday was another day to be thankful to God for my life. A day that could easily have been terrible, did not turn out so bad. On my way to work, my motor cycle guy lost control and we crashed.  No serious damage and i just got up and was very thankful that i was okay. I was mindful to watch my response to situations, good or bad. Instead of sulking and being frustrated, i was filled with thanksgiving in my heart. A lot of beautiful things have happened in my life. Even when the bad creep in, what should my reaction be?

 I am thankful for how July has turned out.

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