Sunday, 17 February 2013

I could sing of your Love forever

Today as i sat in church, i realised how sinful i am each day and how God's love for me is unchanging no matter what i am thinking, doing or even failing to do.

It began with feelings of resentment toward something, and i let it go on for quite sometime. But i felt a strong conviction concerning those thoughts that i was entertaining. I asked God to help me. Just in church, i was sinning in my heart.

I am learning everyday that God loves me even in those moments and He is always ready for me to come back home. What can i say?
I can Just sing of His Love. He puts up with so much from me.

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Happy Love day....

I do not know who Valentine was but I am thankful for this day. I definitely feel love today. I have actually been feeling Love this entire week.

In My BSF (Bible Study Fellowship), it was all about Love this week. Abraham in his old age, wanted to make sure that his dear son would find a good woman. So he sends his most trusted servant on a mission to find Isaac, a wife.

It pointed me to how much Jesus sends His Holy spirit to search us, and to find us for Himself. It is amazing. There is a father, the messenger and the son. How amazing this story is so real to me. And Rebekah accepted to be led to the Master's son as a bride. A true love story it was in the end.

I am thankful that the Master (God) sent his Messenger (Spirit) to seek me to be in a personal and up close relationship with His son (Christ). I feel so loved and I am glad that I said Yes.

And today, i was treated to more. I received a message from the office that we would have a treat this morning. It was special and I am totally thankful that i had a wonderful start today and felt so much love from the people i work with.

Everyday i look at my son, I am reminded even more how much God loves me. He Loves us so much.

My initial plan was that on his day I would wear red, buy myself a few roses and chocolate and go watch a jazz band later tonite J Kind of  dreamy… but I am liking the way it has turned out so far.

I pray that we all will feel His love as we celebrate today.

Happy Valentine's Day.:)

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Stuck and scared

Well. of all the days that Makerere students choose to strike, it has to be the day i go to that campus!!!
I have been avoiding that place for a long time and when i decide to go there, is when it goes bam bam.

It started with a few students shouting wewe wewe, a common strike song. As i sat and waited to meet, some of the officials that i was meant to meet, the crowd grew bigger and louder. I was scared. The doors of the hall i was in were shut and i had to sit there and wait.
A group that i had to hide from

After a few minutes, i heard... a big bang. I know that sound. It is police dispersing the crowd with tear gas. I hate tear gas. It is terrible.

I started thinking, " Now, I am stuck here, who will pick my boy from school?", " will i make it out of here alive?".

And i was geting hungry. Not fun at all.

After sometime, there was silence for a few minutes and i moved out. I managed to get some distance between myself and the students but not for so long. The Big bang again... I almost ran like i was being chased but good thing is that i was somewhere out of sight.

Finally i made it home in one piece. Thank you God.

Thursday, 7 February 2013


What is faith?  Well, this is how God puts it down for us.  “Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.”  If you didn't know already, then you may want to check Hebrews 11.  God’s words concerning faith are there.
But let me first look at those words and cross check with where I am at the moment.
Faith is confidence in what we hope for……. assurance about what we do not see.

Oh how I pray that I will not be found wanting in that area. It is hard at times having that assurance especially about thing we do not see. But, knowing that God would never have required it of us unless it was possible, gives me hope.

I was thinking over the story of Abraham and his faith. God surely tested this guy’s faith!!! Telling Abraham to kill his son, whom he loved very much!!! I don’t really know if I could have passed that test.
God does test our faith. It is very important. I have had mine put to the test occasionally  and I am thankful for those times .
Last week, I felt joy when I chose to have faith and believe even with out seeing. It was amazing.

It is not like i have it all figured out because i fail many times  but my prayer is that my faith will increase each day. Only God can do that in me if i give my heart to him.