Thursday, 22 October 2015


My son has told me on several occasions of moments that have been awful for him because of other kids mistreatment. Some kids can mean to be hurtful and my Hamlet has been on the receiving end of some of these kids’ meanness. 

On one occasion, a girl bigger than he is thought it was funny to push Hamlet off a swing. This landed him face down and he was hurt. She threw him down again by running into him as he stood on the school compound the next day. And these are the few times that he has told me about. I think there were days that she picked on him or hit him and he did not tell me because he is a boy and he sometimes finds it difficult to admit that a girl is the one responsible for causing him pain.  I must confess I was harboring bad thoughts for that 8/9 year old girl.

Leaving Hamlet’s bully aside, I have come to realise there are older bullies. I am encountering one myself. At first I thought that this lady is just rude but with time I have come to see that she is just a bully. She likes making everyone around her feel small. To her, you don’t have an opinion. She does the talking. You have to listen to her or risk being belittled and put down. 

How do I relate to such a person who constantly makes me feel irrelevant? I can’t avoid her because I deal with her more times than I wish I did. One would suggest confronting her. She is not one to listen to such. Talking to her will make things even worse than they were before.

Bullies make the environments they live in less interesting, less pleasant to stay in. The girl that has been bullying my son really needs prayers so that when she grows up, she doesn’t turn out to be like the bully I am dealing with at the moment.

Wednesday, 7 October 2015


I have been trying to understand what it means to trust. I think I am a bit too trusting at times that it is hard for me sometimes to understand why people are over protective (even when not necessary), less trusting, very suspicious of everyone around them. 

It can get real bad and hurtful at times when I realize that there is so much mistrust. How can one give you so much responsibility over things yet keep looking over their shoulder, hovering over you, monitoring your every move? I hate it. I hate it when I feel that someone is ever suspicious. It puts me in a bad place. If trust cannot be given fully, then you should leave it all together. 

Don’t trust me to stay in your house but lock all your drawers each time you are leaving me by myself in your house. One would be stupid not to realize that you don’t trust them enough to leave your drawers open.What would be the reason for doing that if I have never given you cause to do so? It makes me wonder sometimes if people fail to trust due to other unspoken reasons. 

The person that is put in that predicament often feels small if they know you are not trusting them enough. I try not to do it because I hate anyone doing it to me. The only reason that would cause me to not trust someone is if they have broken my trust over and over. Most times I choose to trust. 

Being suspicious of others normally does not remain unnoticed. The person you are suspicious of usually knows. They may never confront you about it, but they know! And they hurt so bad. No one wants to feel that way.

When you choose to not trust someone, you better have a smart reason for that. Don’t just get prejudiced and makeup reasons to be suspicious of people.

That is it. I have finally said it.