Friday, 20 July 2012

Hamlet goes to school

God has been so faithful. I am glad that my boy started school. It was a miracle for me given the fact that there were several obstacles. But i am glad that God made a way for us. He always does. Hamlet got a school after school time had already started. but he got to go anyway. And that day is a day that i will always remember. He was so happy.
I took a few pictures on his first day in school.
These pictures are always a reminder to me that God is always faithful and He Knows us.Yes He knows.
All dressed up ready to go to school. 
the school gate.
I also took a picture of the compound.
The building where the classes are held

A place where bags are kept for safe keeping.
I tried to get him to smile for me when i went to pick him after school,
This is all he gave me.

He posed for a picture at the school gate
Another one on the way home.

He loves boda rides(motobike rides).
we took one on the way back home.

mom we are home.....
i guess that was why he was happy


what a day!!!

Well this day is memorable in a lot of ways. To start with, our dear pastor had invited the entire choir to his place for a time of fellowship after the main service. I was looking forward to it.
During the service though, my son started feeling a bit sick. So i did not sit through the entire service, i went out to find a place for him to rest. After the service, he looked much better. So i went with  the group that was headed to Pastor's place.

We had so much fun as seen in the pictures below.
Time to chat.
Hamlet taking care of these 2 little beauties.
Food was great
Myself with 2 of my favorite people. Sarah and Hamlet. 
The men engaging in Guy talk after Lunch 
After this wonderful time, my son's condition began to get worse, so My lovely friend suggested we take him to the doctor. The experience there is something i don't want to witness again. My son was diagnosed with
croup[a bad cough]. thankfully we got him good medication.

But what a day a mixture of fun, joy and also pain

He is the same yesterday, today and always

I  have learned about God's nature in so many ways. One thing that is very evident for me is that He is God, He is the same every day. He never changes.
I get amazed at how God's love never fades even when we don't deserve it.
We rage at Him, He responds with love. What a wonder He is.

I am reminded each day that He is Love.
His wonderful creation is evidence enough. It is beautiful that i am His creation.
His Love remains. He is the same yesterday today and always.