Friday, 26 September 2014

Hamlet's 6th Birthday.

I am a bit behind on this post.

Hamlet turned 6 years on 19 July 2014. It was a

very good day. I decided that I was not going to have a big celebration. Spending time with him was a good idea. He picked the place he wanted me to take him. He was in for lots of fun.

The day before the big day, I prepared cake for him. With the help of my dear friend Cassandra, it did turn out just right.

19th July, I took him to a children's fun place.The pictures tell it all. It was a successful and fun 6th Birthday for my precious Hamlet.

Took time to eat
It was time to go play in the water. I enjoyed watching him have lots of fun and make a few friends.

Then we went to that slide thing. Oh my! Hilarious. The kids went up and down. I wished at some point i was young again. I so badly wanted to go down sliding like those kids 

Hamlet's Friend Jireh. She had to be apart of this.

 At the end of it all. I had a Happy Boy. Exhausted but Happy

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