Tuesday, 19 November 2013

What is going on?

For the past months I have been thinking on what my next blog post will be about. Well, I still have no idea as I write this. So I will go ahead and see what I come up with.

To begin with, I have been frustrated. This is something I never thought I would openly blog about. But the way I have been feeling lately has not been pretty. Some elements have armed to make life miserable. But I am holding on.

I have been reading Job on and off. Can’t seem to understand that book. Job was commended as faithful. And reading his story, (which I haven’t finished yet) I can slowly understand why. But what is special about this story. The guy lost a lot. His family, his wealth and his health was not left intact as well. If I had to face all that, I would totally hate my life. 

So what lessons have I been learning? The last chapters show that Job was totally healed, his wealth became even more than before and he had 10 children (goes on to say that his daughters were the most beautiful in the land!) But wait a minute, I never before paused to think that he couldn’t have had all these things restored in a day. His wife couldn’t have carried 10 babies at once. This had to have taken a long time. Years of waiting on the Lord, this involved trust, patience and waiting even more.

What am I driving at? With all the frustration I am experiencing, it is going to stop some day. The bruises will totally heal. It may not be today. 

Getting on to another important update, My son, graduated from nursery school. I was over the moon with Joy. In my culture, people don’t usually cry with Joy, but that is how I felt. Just watching him present, watching him looking amazing. He is the most beautiful person I know. He sure made me proud. Every day I am thankful because even if I have failed in so many things, I have totally done something very right. I am raising a smart little man. 

For my friends that pray. Here are a few praises and prayers.
Praises for:
·         Hamlet’s completion of nursery school.
·         Safety as Hamlet goes to school and as I get to work (travel by boda bodas is a risk).
·         I need to find a new place to shift to as soon as possible. Pray for God’s direction, provision and a beautiful, safe, clean place.
·         School for Hamlet for next year. Where to take him. 
·         For my mother. She is going through a hard time. 
·          Pray for the salvation of men, neighbors, family, workmates, acquaintances.
·         Safety on the road during this festive season as many people will be traveling.

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