Friday, 18 October 2013

What do you do?

What do you do when you are in down town and you see guys pick pocketing women ? And you witness this every single evening?
Well my heart is torn. I want to warn these unsuspecting ladies but the look i see on these guys' faces is always scary/ murderous. So i just watch and i am always left helpless. I wish i could do something.

For weeks i had decided that i will get in the taxi, close my eyes until we are past down town Kampala so that i don't keep blaming myself for not helping.
But today something happened, right before i got into the taxi, the pick pocketer was busy opening a lady's bag. I saw him. So i passed by the lady, Knocked her with my elbow and she wasn't so happy but she adjusted her bag. I was happy.

It is so difficult when you want to help but also have to think of your own safety. Maybe that is a bit selfish but what choice does one have??? It doesn't change the fact that i feel really bad and angry at these ruthless guys.

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