Thursday, 2 May 2013

My 4 year old made me proud!!!

Today was a very happy day for me. My son made me very proud. Last nite before we went to bed, Hamlet and I prayed. He prayed that his report card would be good and that mommy would be happy. And God answered. I was the happiest mama of them all as I picked his file from school.

The past weeks have been really hard and I have not been a happy person. I have hardly had moments where I really felt Joy except when my friend had her baby. Today I am very Joyful. I felt God smiling down on me. This feeling is amazing. Thank you God for the blessing of my son.  Thank you for wonderful grades even in the midst of all the times he has missed school because he was ill. U are amazing God. In our weakness, you show yourself strong.  

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