Sunday, 28 April 2013

Dealing with pain.

"If  I say, I forget my complaint, i will change my expression, and smile,' i still dread all my sufferings."
Job 9:27-28

Friday nite started as a beautiful nite for me. The praise and worship at church was beautiful. I did not know that on that same nite, i would face serious dread.
After passion nite, it was time to go home. Usually, there is a team i walk home with. But on this particular nite, i would have to walk home with only Hamlet as my walking companion.

About 10minutes walk  from where i live, i was suddenly attacked by guys i did not even know what their motive was. I stood there in pain and I was  angry. I was angry at those boys for attacking a helpless woman with a child, i was angry at myself for standing there, i was angry at God for not protecting me from such danger.

My pain overwhelmed me for sometime that i could have easily forgotten to be thankful for God's protection. Nothing i had on me was robbed, Hamlet had not been harmed, i was not brutally injured. God had shielded me from so much. I needed to cry to Him and tell Him that as much as i was in pain, i was grateful that He had been with us. He is always there. His love never fails.

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