Thursday, 4 April 2013

He is the Center of everything

It’s all about Jesus. EVERYTHING is.
I often ask my self (when things are not adding up according to how I planned) over and over the same question, WHY????
There are so many whys. But, like I have come to know and to ask my self, “why not?”
Why do I have to think that everything should be fine, work to my advantage and nothing should go wrong with me?  Is everything about me??? My asking why is often triggered by the fact that I think everything should be about me. But it is not. He did not create this universe for my own personal enjoyment. It is all about Jesus. He is the center. Everything revolves around Him including me. Not the other way around.
My prayer is that Jesus would be the Center ( not that He isn't already), That He will be my Hope, my song, My fire in my heart, the reason I live, my friend,  my guide,  my Source, and my life.

He is the Center after all, I just need to remember that and not think that everything is about me. So, when something happens, I want so much to desire to ask (God, what is my role in this, or what do you want me to do?) instead of why me?, why is this happening  (I am not promising that I will not ask those questions) but it is my desire.

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