Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Love is all we need

In September i was blessed to travel to Tororo SMILE and i felt first hand what it means to love and to be loved.It was humbling for me. For the first time, i would be away from my son for two nites. something i had never done. It was a sacrifice i had to make. Love happens only if I am willing to give up something for another person. Leaving my son for 2 nights, was huge!!!

We traveled (Cassandra, Heather, Karen, Linda and Myself) to Tororo, thanks to Linda who drove us all the way.

That day I was able to overcome one of my greatest fear. I was always afraid of traveling across the Jinja bridge. It always gave me those shivers, like i would fall over. of course i never told any one i was with.

The Nile Bridge

We stopped at Good Shepherd's fold, a children's centre in Jinja for the underprivileged. We were amazed at how God is at work there. I was personally impressed by One of the girls there, she has got such a big heart and it shows. The way she was generally telling us about GSF; u could feel her passion. She is one of a kind.

One of the Children's facilities at GSF Jinja

On our way from GSF, we stopped by Kingfisher resort. The place is a beauty!!! Cassandra teased me that we would host my wedding there. Come to think of it, the idea is great.........

Pretty flowers at King fisher resort

Gardens at King fisher resort

We then rode on to Tororo, and it was great for me. Tororo has got memories for me as a child. i was there for 2 years. 1993-1994. so being back there was like revisiting some part of my life. i got to see the rock, the place one can not miss out once u are there. It lies there. being there. And my former school is just below the rock.

Cassandra and I. My school just a stone throw away.

I kept telling Heather and Cassandra each time we went on our balcony that " look, that's my school" and they would laugh.

The Tororo Rock

Then we got to go to SMILE where the kids are. My heart went out to them the moment i saw them. It was an overwhelming feeling of love. so many kids with big smiles, who want to be loved. i was able to play with some of them, and the baby room was lovely. i got to hold baby Logose and to put him to sleep.

Logose is the baby i was holding.

I made a new friend Andrew . He was with me all the time. I loved him instantly. It was a very strong feeling.

My friend Andrew and I

At the end of this trip, one thing was for sure, Love is all around. Love is all we need. Every one of us.

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