Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Stuck and scared

Well. of all the days that Makerere students choose to strike, it has to be the day i go to that campus!!!
I have been avoiding that place for a long time and when i decide to go there, is when it goes bam bam.

It started with a few students shouting wewe wewe, a common strike song. As i sat and waited to meet, some of the officials that i was meant to meet, the crowd grew bigger and louder. I was scared. The doors of the hall i was in were shut and i had to sit there and wait.
A group that i had to hide from

After a few minutes, i heard... a big bang. I know that sound. It is police dispersing the crowd with tear gas. I hate tear gas. It is terrible.

I started thinking, " Now, I am stuck here, who will pick my boy from school?", " will i make it out of here alive?".

And i was geting hungry. Not fun at all.

After sometime, there was silence for a few minutes and i moved out. I managed to get some distance between myself and the students but not for so long. The Big bang again... I almost ran like i was being chased but good thing is that i was somewhere out of sight.

Finally i made it home in one piece. Thank you God.

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