Thursday, 11 October 2012

Jesus and the Cross; thoughts of a 4 year old.!!

The mind of my 4 year old. He never ceases to challenge me. 
So this morning while we were taking tea, i was telling my baby that he should never play with electric cables, plugs or any electric Gadgets. Then that is when the story started. I asked him if he knew what would happen to him once he got electrocuted, and he answered that he would die and get put on the cross. I told him that wasn't not true (I had to tell him what happens when one is dead; not my favorite conversation, but he wants the truth, nothing less)
Hamlet,the thinker
Then he said (out of the blue) “Mama, Jesus did bad things, that is why he was put on the cross!” it was not a question, it was a statement!!! I said , " no my dear. Jesus was put on the cross because people were too bad and Jesus had to die so that God could forgive their sins” ( in my mind I am thinking, I hope I did my best and he got it. ) may be he did because he then said, “so that they don't get burned… they were forgiven.” and our conversation on the topic just ended like that.

How I praise God for this wonderful gift; of beautiful conversations with my four year old who still has to grasp the essence of the Cross and yet is amazed by the story of the Cross.

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