Friday, 20 July 2012

Hamlet goes to school

God has been so faithful. I am glad that my boy started school. It was a miracle for me given the fact that there were several obstacles. But i am glad that God made a way for us. He always does. Hamlet got a school after school time had already started. but he got to go anyway. And that day is a day that i will always remember. He was so happy.
I took a few pictures on his first day in school.
These pictures are always a reminder to me that God is always faithful and He Knows us.Yes He knows.
All dressed up ready to go to school. 
the school gate.
I also took a picture of the compound.
The building where the classes are held

A place where bags are kept for safe keeping.
I tried to get him to smile for me when i went to pick him after school,
This is all he gave me.

He posed for a picture at the school gate
Another one on the way home.

He loves boda rides(motobike rides).
we took one on the way back home.

mom we are home.....
i guess that was why he was happy


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