Sunday, 20 May 2012

My Special Birthday.

17 April was my Birthday.
So what makes this day special?  for starters, it was my first Birthday to be celebrated. And not just being celebrated, but by people that love me.
My four friends Sarah, Erin, Kyle and Trey said that my birthday was worth celebrating. So they started planning my Birthday.
The first question was, how many people i wanted to attend. At that time i could only mention 3 people. I was not not sure about how i felt at that particular point. It was a whole new concept for me. I needed time to accept that it was going to happen. My Birthday was going to be celebrated.

After a couple of hours, i sent my dear friend Sarah mail with more names. The number kept growing. They all did not mind me adding another name to the list. Finally i realized, we were going to have a party.
So i asked Sarah to help with the invitations, so the 4 of them tasked to make sure that all my friends were invited before Saturday ( my Birthday was Tuesday). They were so excited about my Birthday, they started preparing. It was becoming more and more real.

On Tuesday, we all went to the house of my four friends, every thing was ready. There was so much to eat.  We invited a few more friend to join us. 

All i can say is that it was the most beautiful Birthday ever. It was special. And i had all the people that love me there to celebrate with me.

A few friends playing arm wrestling. It was fun.

The food
My friends and I.
I had to make a speech. I was very nervous. 
Thanks Erin, Kyle, Trey and Sarah. And to all my friend that made my Birthday worth remembering.

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