Monday, 16 April 2012

My friend Sanyu, like the Orchid

There are times in every person’s life that something beautiful happens.
Something wonderful has happened to me. God Blessed me with a friend.
Sanyu is the name of my friend.. Sanyu literally means happiness.
It is exactly what I feel around my friend. She makes me feel so much happiness.
Some people come into our lives and  touch us in ways that are noticeably God-orchestrated.

I had a friend who used to send me flowers. My favorite was the Orchid. 

This flower is beautiful. To me, it is by far the most beautiful.
My friend Sanyu reminds me of an  orchid. It brings a beautiful fragrance to those close to it.
However My friend does not wither as the orchid.. Her friendship is all season.
Thank you My friend. You are surely heaven sent and I Thank God each day for the Blessing you are to Hamlet and I.

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