Thursday, 23 January 2014

House hunting

I can freely blog about this now because I have survived it. Definitely with a few heartbreaks.

I was for quite sometime searching for a house to move to. For Various reasons, i had to move. Problem though, is that finding a house that you have in mind is not as easy as one pictures.

I began by looking on line for any listings within areas i wanted to move to. The search was not fruitful.

I had always hated the whole idea of hiring a house broker. They are usually crafty,  expensive and generally you move with them every where. It is not fun at all.

Last month i asked some one i know, who deals in real estate business to help me with the search. He turned out to be so mean. And arrogant, and rude. He wasn't taking my needs into consideration. He showed me all the houses i hated. I called it quits and i was giving up. Then i got another house broker. One phone call and he said he had the house i wanted. Imagine you've been house hunting for weeks or even months! That phone call was a joy. The  home had been available for some time without any offers. One look at it, i knew i wanted it. I loved it.

But then, here comes bad news, someone came a few minutes before me and paid. What??? How did that happen? I was  astonished, then angry, and later, depressed.  I was very mad. mad at myself for not being there first, mad at the broker for not taking me there earlier. I was just mad.  I asked God, "Now what?"

I was back to square zero :(  Next day, Mr Broker asked me to skip going to work and use the day for house hunting. I called office and asked for a day off. That day was horrible. The search was even worse than the one before. I was almost scammed by a fake land lord, who wanted to rent me property that was not his. He had noticed my desparation and used that to almost rob me. God made me survive this. I learned a lesson, Never make dealings without your true broker present!

When i was almost throwing in my towel, another offer came. There was a house available. Not very far from my workplace. I was to go look at it in the morning on my way to work. I went there. I knew that, this was the end of my search. But No. Someone had paid that evening. Really?? Where was my luck?

The broker found another house elsewhere on discovering that this was not available anymore. So we went to look at it.I was hopeless. I had to look at it but i was not as excited anymore. I did not expect any good results. This one however, was available. And it was within the budget. It is even closer to work. My search stopped there.

I move in this Sunday. I hope to take a few photos to share. And i was lucky to find Hamlet a school within a walkable distance from the house. God is faithful.

House Hunting for me wasn't fun, but i have a place now and i think we will love it there.

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