Saturday, 30 November 2013

Puzzling over change.

One needn't turn hoary-headed to learn that the baton of life, has a way of showing up on our starting grids unannounced, requiring us to make life-changing decisions with no room for maneuvers. I have been contemplating a few incidences that i have to encounter. Thinking of moving to a totally new place is a bit scary. Moving from the comfort of familiar faces and things is sometimes hard to comprehend. But how that this fit into God's plan for me at the moment?

Dreams, Feelings , Intuitions,Visions, even Seers [prophets] have been known to sometimes fail particularly when it comes to trying to make sense of God's perfect will. All of these usually fail but Love! Today i watched as i let my son venture on his own far from my ever watchful eyes. He got on the bus (this will be about 5hrs drive without me). My feelings were in muddle. But i noticed, my baby has grown. He has evolved. He can do fine with other people (still missing him though, but i know he is fine). I just have to trust that even if i do not know how he is going to react once he gets there without me, God will watch over him.

Change will happen at one point . But it always brings with it uncertainity, confusion. When things go sour, many begin to wonder and ponder about those never-ending puzzles and even ask questions such as: Did God really rubber-stamp this decision, business, or venture in the first place?

Comprehending the above circumstantial dilemmas and a billion other nail-biting scenarios is man's life-long quest during his time here. Besides this has been responsible for why many have switched, hitched, or even ditched the existence of God. Ultimately the objective of these situations is to bring to light a self-discovery and acknowledgement of man's incapacitation minus God. [The evidence is all too glaring whether they are called the greatest,or the brainiest but absolutely powerless].

Finding out God's Will for one's life is still one relevant piece of life's maze man can't afford to continue
unresolved. And it is indeed true that our journey through life may necessitate that we quickly come to terms with the fact that God oftentimes wouldn't reveal His complete will unto us until the future has become the past. He might only give a glimpse to spur us on. Or even that indelible snapshot etched within our hearts!

This in no way causes a collision with our ambition to succeed as human beings. On the contrary, it is by understanding what true success means from God's perspective that living may then become truly meaningful.

Therefore, we can encounter loss, failure, pain, opposition, persecution, and more, and yet be smack-dab in the middle of God's perfect will for our lives. While we see only the difficulty of the moment, God sees the
effectiveness of the process.

So as i puzzle over change from what i am used to and look around for a new place, finding a new school for Hamlet and figuring out new things,  i have to trust that God will see me through this.

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