Thursday, 23 May 2013

Water .... the lack of it!

My little boy often tells me, “Mummy, water is life”. It is one of those saying you hear everyday and get so used to.

Well, yesterday I realized what a mess i would be in if more than a day passed with no water in the house. By evening time, I was so frustrated; I couldn't stay in one place. I checked the tap more times than necessary  My patience was being put to test. 9:00 pm, and there was no sign that water would appear anytime.

This led me to think, how many times have I been caught off guard  I was not prepared. I had no water saved for a moment like that. I could have saved a jerrycan of water to use but I hadn't. Kind of like the brides that had their lanterns drained of fuel and when the groom came, they were not prepared.

This morning, I woke up to the same story. Water was there, but I was like number 10 in line. When the jerrycan before mine was being filled, the water started to disappear slowly… the tap was announcing “nap time”. The jerrycan did not even get full and mine was next! I could have kicked it! I had to  tell myself, “be still”.
My generous neighbor offered me 5 litters of her water so that I could sail through today. That 5 litter jerrycan of water was very precious. How we fail to value things until we don’t have them!!! Water is life, indeed.

Christ said He was the spring of living water.  This scarcity of water has created an awareness of the presence of water that doesn't dry out. True springs of water is what every man ought to have flowing with in them and His is a free gift. This realization made me feel refreshed. I have Jesus and that means I can have peace about things that will dissapoint, like this current situation.

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