Saturday, 13 April 2013

A day with the Kids at Joy Club International

To begin with, i had no idea what i was getting myself into. I was seriously convinced by a friend (Diana) that this was something that i would enjoy doing. I had my own misgivings, most of which were very personal. She insisted, "Rhona, you should see those kids. It is going to be fun!" The catch words there was 'the kids'. She knows how passionate i get, when i am told any thing to do with the little ones. I was totally sold to the whole idea.

That Wednesday i travelled to the premises that would host this program. The discussions we had that day were amazing.  The program line up for Wednesday was very enticing and exciting. I could not wait to get into the real thing. But i still had to make a decision. I knew, that if i said yes, there was no looking back.
Finally, I knew that i would not want to be anywhere else on that particular day. Being with the kids, learning about Jesus was a great idea.

Most of those kids, come from the slums where they have not had any conversations that are God-Centered All they know is something else but Jesus. I wanted so much to be a part of a ministry that meant that we would facilitate in bringing up a young generation for Jesus. If the slums were set ablaze with a passion for Jesus, the whole city would not escape catching on. This was beautiful. Something I desire most is that the little ones are set a part for Jesus. This led me to think of myself. As a little girl, if I had been introduced to Jesus sooner, i am sure i would have made certain choices differently.

So, last week we got to real action. By 4:00pm, the gates to the premises were open and the kids were coming in slowly. I waited to receive the kids i was going to teach (the youngest group, 3-4 year olds).
Receiving the kids

Then we got them seated and  the topic of the day was introduced to them after some music and dancing. Everything was looking good.


Hamlet was in my class and that was interesting. It was fun (he kept calling me,each time I asked for an answer. He raised his hand, "mummy, ......")
Hamlet was in my class
 Our theme was on friendship; with God, and with others. The study was on Jesus and the relationship with Martha and Mary. One of the things the little ones had to know was that Jesus was very much interested in a relationship with them. A close relationship with Jesus was more important than anything else they did.I think they got it.

Game time. They played Mingle, mingle. It was fun

It was a great day, with nice games , crafts  and music. I had not planned on jumping that much during the time music was played, but i loved it.

My friend Diana and her Class
One of the other teachers(Vester) with his group

Craft time

Snack time. I helped

 I am glad that God is using different ministries and people to reach out. It was a great first day and I am praying for more wonderful Wednesdays there.

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  1. Thanks Rhona for this and from deep down my heart i am so happy that you made a decision to be part of the Team.

    Looking forward to this Wednesday.