Thursday, 31 January 2013

This feeling...

Well, what do i have to say? I feel horrible. But who blogs about how terrible they feel?
I do. I can't help but at least express how i feel today. It is not a good day so far. And My sweet little boy is sick :(

I thought I hate hot days. Well I have come to find out that i don’t like long rainy days as well. And that is exactly what happened yesterday. It rained like it was not going to stop.  Times like those make me think of Noah days. That maybe, this is it!!!  The rain that will not stop.  So, I was cold, very cold and sick . Not good. Then I had to watch my 4 year old as he restlessly turned in bed because he doesn't feel good either.  Eishh… I  don’t like this feeling.  I guess I am entitled  to expression of discomfort  once in a while! 

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