Monday, 19 November 2012


Today being a Monday, I can only pray and hope for the best. As usual, I went to work this morning after dropping my boy at the school. I almost let him stay home and have a day off from school because he needed to rest. But after one call to his teacher, who told me that the class starts examinations today, I had to change plans. I had about 40 mins to get him ready for school which surprisingly  I managed to do. He was at school on time. Thanks to God for that, I wont have to be the mom that makes their kid miss exams because the kid is late for school. So far so good.

Boda ride to town was safe, and the traffic flow was not scary. After getting to town I managed to get onto a taxi  heading to Luboowa  (town where i work) that wasn't stopping on the way every 5 minutes, which means that I was at work on time. That is good as well. Everything is going well. Cassandra, came in with her mom and aunt (currently visiting) and I got to meet them. They helped around the office, (some of my workload reduced!!!)  which is really nice…… if Monday is not going well, then I must be really ungrateful.

Robert, the Boda guy who picks Hamlet for school did not forget to pick him today which is totally cool and he is home, fed and well…. Super cool!!! Still have a couple hours left in the office and I will head home. I am sure Monday is gonna end beautifully. Then I will tell of tomorrow….. TUESDAY. Another day. 

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