Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Women Of Grace Retreat.

Last year was one of a kind. But for now I will focus on one particular event that has special memories for me. The women of Grace (a church fellowship for mostly unmarried women) had a retreat to reflect on God for three days in a not so familiar place away from the city.
We had a 2 hours drive to a place….. it was far. Not leaving out the fact that we got lost and the network wasn't favorable … at last we got there. All the long hours and trouble of being lost paid off once we got there. The experience of that weekend is something I will always have close to my heart….
The hours we had;  just listening to some ladies take us through sessions, were great.

I had time to sit in a hammock and just reflect on God’s amazing work. The view itself was splendid…. I can only tell this story in picture. What a great way to close 2011.

Our Home for 3 days.

The view was spectacular. 

Our amazing host Lillian 
My small group. Our leader was amazing

We had time to take some group photos.

A time of reflection and sharing
Hamlet had a great time.
I had  a great time too. No wonder I was smiling .... "Darling Mummy" is what my son called me all the time we were there.

our teachers. 

then we had time to go and sail on a canoe that was small, a little scary. But who cared at that moment? Crazy!!!
right before we jumped on the canoe
we are sailing away.........

the tents were available for some girls. I missed on that since I was in the cottagethat was set apart for the mamas.
Time by the fire
Our Fellowship leader and our Host.

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