Tuesday, 25 July 2017

She left a beautiful legacy.

My mom was special. And I am not saying this just because she is my mom. No amount of sweet words can even begin to describe her. She will forever be the greatest. She loved well.

I learned more than a few things about relating well with others from her. I learned a lot of valuable life lessons from her. She was a strong, brave woman. She was a hard worker. 

Losing her has been very difficult. Most people think that I am a very strong woman, but no amount of strength can quench the pain of losing her.  9th October 2016 was a very dark day. I lost the woman that cherished me through my best and worst days. I lost my best friend, my confidant. There is still a big void. It hurts.

What I have appreciated though is the way that my mom lived her life. She knew how to live well with others. She did not burn down relationships. She worked hard, Loved the people in her life well. She had very good principles that I was privileged to tap in. There is a lot about her that I am appreciative. 

A few months ago, some one that was close to my mom called me and said he wanted to see me. Upon seeing me, he just started weeping. He was crying uncontrollably. He then told me of how my mother meant so much to him. My mom was always hospitable and caring. That is just one example of the so many people that my mom touched with her life.

Sometimes I wonder how I will be remembered once I am gone. the way I live my life will have a great impact on those around me. My children will either be embraced or rejected by some people, depending on how I live my life. The way I live my life does not end with me when I am gone.

My mother lived well. So many people embrace us (her children) because of the way she loved them.

The way I live now matters. It doesn't stop with me.  My mom lived well and left a beautiful mark and I celebrate that.

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